Gabby is good for people who want to get beyond the basic English-speaking level.

I have lived in an English-speaking country for a few years, so I have basic English-speaking skills. However, I was getting frustrated because my English wasn’t improving, so I started studying with Gabby. Gabby exceeded my expectations. Gabby made me realize that I had been depending on a limited number of phrases, so I always unknowingly repeated the same mistakes. Gabby’s philosophy, "Faster is better than perfect," suits me well. My Gabby coach always keeps me motivated. I recommend Gabby for people who want to improve their limited English-speaking skills.

Ayako E.
Location: Vancouver, Canada | Occupation: Web Developer

Gabby helped me get a position in our Singapore branch!

To advance in my professional career, I was offered the chance to apply to work at my company’s Singapore branch. However, it seemed like a big challenge because of my low English-speaking abilities. The minimum TOEIC speaking score my company required of me was 130. My speaking score at that time was only 90. To improve my score, I tried going to ESL school and purchasing textbooks, but nothing worked to improve my speaking skills. Meanwhile, I was introduced to Gabby. I was attracted to the concept of Muscle Memory Training. It forces us to eliminate the translation process when speaking English, which allows us to gain speed in our responses. After half a year of training, my score finally showed significant improvement and it satisfied the company’s requirement. As a result, I'm in Singapore as a representative for my company.

Daisuke M.
Location: Singapore | Occupation: Business Developer

Gabby is very different from regular online English courses.

Until I started Gabby, I believed that continually searching for opportunities to speak to people in English would be the only way to improve my skills. But I can say now that Gabby is an exclusive method which improves speaking skills.

I tried other online English courses; however, most schools don’t guarantee the same instructor for every lesson. I had to spend a lot of time finding a good teacher. Also, repeating the free conversation-style lessons with a different teacher every time wasn’t helping me to improve. On the other hand, Gabby guarantees the same coach for the entire study period (Gabby calls their instructors “coaches”). I feel my coach really supports my training. I can plan my self-training because I know when I’m going to see my coach next. The self-training can be done anytime, anywhere by smartphone. I do it on the train, at the office right after I finish my work, or just before I go to bed. I like to see my score rising because it motivates me. Practicing English with Gabby feels like doing a kind of sport. I wish I could have started Gabby earlier.

Mami K.
Location: Tokyo, Japan | Occupation: Marketing Specialist

Gabby removed pausing when I sort out grammatical knowledge in my brain

Even I had 875 TOEIC score as a result of years of study, I found myself that I couldn't communicate smoothly in the US. I wish I could respond right away without thinking about correct grammar and vocabulary like casual conversation everyone does around me. So, Gabby's concept, "Activate your English" attracted me a lot.

What I liked about Gabby is that they implemented sport and muscle training theory in English training. Not only just repeating the contents, Gabby makes us feel that we are gaining speed of response by intensive repetitive training under limited time constraints as though building actual muscles.
The regularly scheduled live coaching session with a native English speaking coach is a fantastic opportunity to know progress, and it motivated me to do self-training every day because I know my coach would check my training status. Finally Self-Training became my daily custom.

As a result of the Gabby training, I'm speaking without translating English to my mother tongue. I feel as if I speak automatically without structuring correct English sentences in my head. Though I have trained "speaking" I am sure my "listening" skills also significantly improved. This experience even motivated me to input new vocabulary while training with the Gabby method.

My Gabby coach always told me to just speak without hesitation, don't worry about accuracy too much. However, as a result of Gabby training, my English speaking became more accurate.

Hirofumi Y.
Location: California, USA | Occupation: University Administrator

Gabby is the best method for people who manage business in English.

To expand my business in Japan, I incorporated here in Canada. However, I was not confident with my English-speaking abilities at all. I was having difficulty dealing with the everyday tasks of the business in English, so I decided to start Gabby. 

Because I was very busy with my business, I did only 10 minutes of self-training every other day and did longer self-training on some weekends, in addition to having bi-monthly live coaching sessions for three months. I can certainly feel my own progress, and my business is growing, too.

I think basic business can be done by saying the correct set phrases with the right timing. By training with Gabby, I started saying a lot of set phrases automatically and naturally without hesitation. Even phone conversations don’t make me feel uncomfortable anymore.

After three months of Gabby training, I still have an accent when I speak English. However, because I can respond quickly, I feel more confident. I will continue studying with Gabby and would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to build their confidence in business English-speaking.


Katsuhiro C.
Location: Toronto, Canada | Occupation: CEO

Gabby was a fun method – just like an RPG game!

I found Gabby when I was looking for a good solution to improve my English abilities. I was expected to manage more global matters at my company. Since I know that repetitive practice may be effective for improving English-speaking skills, Gabby's concept of Muscle Memory Training was reasonable and interesting to me.

When self-training, I liked the unlimited access to the Gabby app. I can practice anytime and anywhere I want by smartphone. I always spend my commute doing my Gabby self-training. My Gabby coach assesses my progress every week and it motivates me more. I believe the great value of Gabby is the combination of self-training through the app and the live coaching sessions for assessment and support.

It's now over six months since I started Gabby. It is clear that I can respond to Gabby questions a lot faster than before. At the same time, I feel that my listening skills have also improved. Gabby is a fun method, like an RPG game in which you advance to higher levels. I like to monitor my score with my Gabby coach every week. It makes my progress visible.

I understand there is no perfect method for everyone. However, I would like to say that Gabby is definitely a wonderful method for people who have studied English a lot but haven’t been able to activate it.

Yoshihiro I.
Location: Yokohama, Japan | Occupation: Think Tank Manager

Only five minutes of training has made huge difference.

I was assigned to manage the accounting and tax issues of our overseas subsidiaries. As I was wondering how I could gain practical English abilities, Gabby was recommended to me. I was attracted to Gabby’s Muscle Memory theory.

I committed to spending only five minutes for Gabby self-training every day. It was not too difficult for me because I was able to do it by smartphone. And every time I had a live coaching session, my Gabby coaches assessed my progress.

Though I didn't perform very well when I first started Gabby, I committed myself and did five minutes of self-training anyway. Even though it was only five minutes a day, it made a significant difference after one year. Now I communicate with the executives and staff of our overseas subsidiaries confidently.

As a visible result, I attained a score of 850 on the TOEIC test, which is 100 points higher than my previous best score. One of Gabby’s units, the open questions practice, is a very effective training tool for TOEIC Listening Part 2.

English-speaking skills are like sports skills. Even when you reach the goal you were aiming for, you will easily lose the skills if you don't keep training. For people who have only limited opportunities to speak English, Gabby is a great choice for its convenience and effectiveness.

Kengo I.
Location: Tokyo, Japan | Occupation: Accountant

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