English Vocabulary for April Fools’ Day

Do you celebrate April Fools’ Day?

Taking place annually on April 1, many people take great pleasure in deceiving their friends and having a laugh. Whether you tell a small lie or plan something much bigger, there are lots of ways to have fun on April Fools’ Day.  

Try reading the April Fools’ Day text and then check your understanding below!

Pulling pranks

Every year on April 1, I’m extra suspicious of everyone around me. I’m afraid someone is going to play a joke on me. I really don’t want that to happen, because then I’ll look like a fool

I’m a pretty gullible person, so it’s easy for someone to pull a prank on me. One year, my roommate (who’s a big prankster) decided to hide my shoes and tell me that the police had come and taken them all . . . and I believed her! Of course, it was just a hoax. She teased me for a long time after that.

Last year, I decided to play a practical joke on my roommate as revenge. I replaced her shampoo with glue! She was so angry with me! She told me that my prank was mean-spirited.

Check your understanding

Now that you’ve read the passage above, see how many terms you understood.

1. Suspicious 

→ (adjective) Having the feeling that something is wrong or that someone is behaving badly

I’m suspicious of our neighbour across the street. He’s always looking at our house through his window. 

2. Play a joke 

→ (verb) To do something to someone that you think is funny

If you play a joke on someone, try to make sure it’s funny to them too—don’t embarrass or upset them!

3. Fool

→ (noun) A silly or dumb person

I accidentally walked out of the store without paying for my groceries. I felt like such a fool!

(verb) To make someone believe something untrue

Watch out on April 1—you never know when someone might try to fool you!

4. Gullible 

→ (adjective) Believing everything you’re told; fooled easily

A woman tried to sell me fake diamond jewellery when I was on vacation, but I didn’t buy any. I’m not that gullible!

5. Pull a prank

→ (verb) To deceive someone because you think it’s funny; to play a joke

When I was a child, I wanted to pull a prank on my dad. I decided to tie his shoelaces together. I got in a lot of trouble when he fell down!

6. Prankster

→ (noun) Someone who likes to deceive others for fun

My best friend is a prankster, so I never feel like I can completely believe what he tells me.

7. Hoax

→ (noun) An action that is done to deceive someone

The website published a photo of an alien spaceship, but it was actually just a hoax.

8. Tease 

→ (verb) To laugh at someone and make jokes about them, in either a mean or playful way

When I watch movies featuring animals, I always cry. My husband thinks it’s funny and likes to tease me about it.

9. Practical joke

→ (noun) Another term for a prank

My friend’s favourite practical joke is to put salt instead of sugar in someone’s coffee or tea.

10. Mean-spirited

→ (adjective) Unkind; intended to hurt someone 

She laughed when I fell down the stairs. She’s a really mean-spirited person. 

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Andrea is a Gabby Academy coach and education technolgy writer based in Vancouver, Canada.