6 Best Podcasts to Learn Business English

What steps are you taking toward improving your business English skills? If you’ve got a professional English coach to guide you, you’re off to a great start. 

But you need to continue practicing even when you’re not participating in a coaching session or class. There are many ways to boost your business English skills, from reading business websites to talking to others on social media. 

If you don’t always have the time to sit down and read or chat, why not try listening to podcasts? It’s an effective way to practice your business English anytime and anywhere.

Below, we go through some of the best podcasts to learn business English. Let’s take a look!

1. 3 Minute English

3 Minute English is a podcast that’s useful for intermediate to advanced English learners. Each episode is only around three minutes long. Although the lessons have a business focus, the topics covered are useful for general English learners as well. 

This podcast provides lots of tips on English usage and style. For instance, it clarifies many confusing terms like “used to do” vs. “get used to,” “which” vs. “that,” and verbs that come from nouns (like “adulting”).

Cost: Free

Listening options: Apple Podcasts; 3 Minute English website

2. Business English Pod

Business English Pod is a paid podcast that offers English learners over 500 lessons to choose from. Learners can select from both MP3 and video lessons, and access transcripts, quizzes, and post-listening activities. 

This podcast focuses on various business-related topics like meetings, job interviews, and presentations. 

Cost: Starting at $75 for six months

Listening options: Business English Pod website

3. Business English Skills 360

The Business English Skills 360 podcast offers English learners short episodes that run about six to eight minutes. 

This podcast focuses on skills like English metaphors, networking and socializing, negotiations, and describing challenges.

Cost: Free

Listening options: Business English Skills 360 website; some podcast players like Spotify

4. Down to Business English

Down to Business English is a great podcast for English learners who need to improve their workplace English. It’s best for learners at an intermediate level or higher. Each episode focuses on a discussion of international business news and is around 20 minutes. While a free version of this podcast is available, there’s also a members-only version, which includes additional content. 

Episodes cover a variety of topics like professional vocabulary and phrases, grammar structures, and cultural differences in business. Scripts are included with the episodes.

Cost: Free version available; membership-only version starts at $7 per month

Listening options: Down to Business English website; podcast player

5. Talaera Talks Business English Communication

The Talaera Talks Business English Communication podcast is for professionals who are not native English speakers. Some episodes, called Talaera Bits, are around six minutes long and offer fast tips on specific topics. There are also longer, more in-depth episodes—about 25 minutes each. All episodes come with transcripts. 

The topics you can expect to learn about on this podcast include things like idioms, legal phrases, introductions, requesting clarification in a polite way, and giving feedback.

You can listen to Talaera Talks on any podcast player or directly on their website.

Cost: Free

Listening options: Talaera Talks website; any podcast player

6. Podcasts for Professionals

Offered by the British Council, Podcasts for Professionals is a free podcast for upper-intermediate English learners. This podcast features transcripts, post-listening tasks, and discussion questions.

The business themes on this podcast include things like managing conflict, work burnout, and relationship building. 

Cost: Free

Listening options: British Council website

Boost your business English skills with podcasts 

Learning business English takes time and effort. To increase your chances of success, check out some of the podcasts we discussed above. 

And if you aren’t yet learning with a professional English coach, contact Gabby today to learn about our services and how we can help!

Andrea is a Gabby Academy coach and education technolgy writer based in Vancouver, Canada.