Phrasal Verbs for Technology

You’ve probably become pretty good friends with technology this year (if you weren’t already). Lots of people have had to rely on computers to do all sorts of day-to-day tasks, including working and learning from home.

In honour of the technology that has helped many of us stay connected over the past year, let’s take a look at some common technology phrasal verbs.

1. Back up

→ To copy the information stored on a computer 

Be sure to back up your files in the cloud in case something happens to your computer.

2. Boot up

→ To start working (refers to computers)

My computer is getting really old. I usually have to wait several minutes for it to boot up before I can use it.

3. Go down

→ To stop working

Our boss said we could go home for the day because our whole computer network went down.

4. Hack into

→ To get into a computer system without permission to get information or perform an illegal action

My bank told me to change my account password because someone had hacked into their system.

5. Key in

→ To use a keyboard to type information into a computer

I have my email password saved on my computer so I don’t have to key it in every time.

6. Log in/log on/sign in/sign on

→ To connect to a computer system, program, app, or website, usually by entering a username and password.

Someone logged into my Facebook account and pretended to be me!

7. Log out/log off/sign out/sign off

→ To disconnect from a computer system, program, app, or website, when you are finished using it.

Remember to log out of your email when you’re finished using the computer at the library.

8. Opt in

→ To agree to receive something such as email advertisements 

If you opt into the website’s weekly newsletter, you’ll get special discounts.

9. Plug in

→ To connect to a power source 

Do you have somewhere I can plug in my laptop before my battery dies?

10. Pop up

→ To suddenly appear on the computer screen

I tried to buy concert tickets online but a message popped up telling me that they were sold out.

11. Power up 

→ To turn something on

I’ll be ready to work in five minutes. I’m powering up my computer right now.

12. Print out

→ To produce a paper copy of an electronic document by sending it to a printer

You don’t need to print out your ticket to the art gallery. Just show the QR code on your phone.

13. Run out

→ To no longer have a supply of something 

I can’t take any pictures with my phone because it’s run out of storage space.

14. Scroll down/scroll up

To slowly move to the top or bottom of a document or web page

After you read the contract, please scroll down to the bottom to provide your e-signature.

15. Shut down/turn off 

→ To close the programs and remove the power from your computer when you are finished using it

To make sure your computer functions correctly,  it’s important to shut it down at least once a day.

16. Sign up

→ To register

I’m thinking of signing up for an online workout program that will help me reach my fitness goals.

Power up your brain with phrasal verbs

Think you can remember all of these phrasal verbs? Keep practicing and you will! And when you’ve got these ones memorized, there are always more to discover. You’ll never run out!

Andrea is a Gabby Academy coach and education technolgy writer based in Vancouver, Canada.