Spring Phrases and Words in English

If you live somewhere that’s been under a blanket of winter the past few months, you’re probably just about ready for spring. 

The good news is that it’s right around the corner. Slowly, the days are getting longer and brighter; the air is getting warmer. 

To celebrate, let’s look at some spring vocabulary! Read the story below, then scroll down to the word list to check your understanding. 

Spring has sprung

“Everything feels different today,” you think to yourself. “Winter is finally on its way out!” 

You walk to your living room window and open it up. You notice a beautiful fragrance in the air. You look at the garden: The ground has thawed and your flowers are starting to bloom in all sorts of vibrant colours. The birds are singing happily. Everything is springing to life!

You’re going to do some spring cleaning later, but first, you decide to take a walk around your neighbourhood. Outside, you feel a fresh breeze on your skin. The sunny weather puts a spring in your step. As you walk, you see lots of kids outside because everyone is on spring break this week. 

After a while, you notice a few drops of rain; suddenly, you’re caught in the middle of a spring shower. You don’t even mind . . . you’re so happy that spring is finally here!

Check your understanding 

1. Fragrance

→ (noun) A pleasant smell 

I love roses because they fill the air with a lovely fragrance. 

2. Thaw

→ (verb) To stop being frozen

Before you go to work, take the chicken out of the freezer to thaw for dinner. 

3. Bloom 

→ (verb) To produce flowers

Every spring, we look forward to seeing the pink cherry blossoms bloom around the city. 

4. Vibrant

→ (adjective) Very bright and intense

She wanted to do something different with her hair, so she dyed it a vibrant red colour. 

5. Spring to life

→ (idiom) To become active and lively 

When I’m very tired, all I need is a big cup of coffee and I spring to life!

6. Spring cleaning

→ (noun) A thorough cleaning of your living space, usually in springtime

This apartment is getting really dirty! As soon as winter is over, we’re doing some spring cleaning!

7. Fresh

→ (adjective) Clean and pure

My mom always hangs her clothes outside to dry. She says it makes them smell fresh. 

8. Breeze

→ (noun) A gentle wind

Bring a jacket with you in case you get cold—there’s a bit of a breeze today.

9. A spring in (someone’s) step

→ (idiom) A happy and energetic mood

Ever since he found out he got the job he wanted, he’s had a spring in his step.

10. Spring break

→ (noun) A period of vacation from classes at school, usually in the spring

When I was young, we used to visit my grandparents every spring break. 

11. Spring shower

→ (noun) Rain during the spring, which often occurs suddenly and doesn’t continue for a long time

I like spring showers because they make the plants in my yard so green and healthy!

Andrea is a Gabby Academy coach and education technolgy writer based in Vancouver, Canada.