12 Phrasal Verbs with “Fall”

In many parts of the world, the seasons are changing from summer to fall. The beach days are leaving us behind as the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and the cooler fall weather sets in.

To celebrate this beautiful season, let’s look about some phrasal verbs that include the word “fall.”

Just a note: None of these “fall” phrasal verbs actually have anything to do with the season!

12 Phrasal Verbs With “Fall”

1. To fall apart

→ To break into pieces

When are you going to get some new shoes? Those ones are falling apart!

2. To fall back on (something)

→ To use something to help you in a difficult situation (often when no other choice is available)

If I can’t find a job soon, at least I have some money in the bank to fall back on.

3. To fall behind

→ To fail to do something on time

I need to pay my bills this weekend so I don’t fall behind. 

→ To fail to be as successful as others

Her teacher told her she needs to study more because she’s falling behind in math.

4. To fall down/fall over

→ To fall to the ground

That old wooden house looks like a strong gust of wind could make it fall down.

5. To fall for (something/someone)

→ To be fooled by something 

Mom got an email asking her to send money to someone in another country and she fell for it!

→ To develop romantic feelings for someone

My brother told me he’s falling for his new girlfriend.

6. To fall off

→ To become detached or drop from something

I was watching a scary movie last night when a picture suddenly fell off of my wall. I screamed! 

7. To fall out

→ To come out of something by falling

You’re too close to the open window! Get away from there before you fall out!

8. To fall through 

→ To fail to happen; to be cancelled

We were going to go to Mexico in October but our plans fell through because of COVID-19.

9. To fall into

→ To go into something by falling

That man wasn’t paying attention as he was walking and he fell into the swimming pool!

10. To fall into place

→ To happen in a satisfactory way without problems

We were worried we wouldn’t be able to organize our father’s birthday party on time, but everything is falling into place! He’s going to be so surprised. 

11. To fall into (someone’s) lap

→ To be received without effort

It’s not fair: I’ve been searching for a job for six months and haven’t found one. My sister wasn’t even looking for a job, but one just fell into her lap! 

12. To fall flat

→ To be unsuccessful

I told my coworkers a joke today but it fell flat and no one laughed. I was so embarrassed. 


Learning phrasal verbs is a great way to improve your English. Just keep practicing so you don’t fall behind!

Andrea is a Gabby Academy coach and education technolgy writer based in Vancouver, Canada.