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Because speaking English with confidence
is the key to success.

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The Secret to Speaking with Confidence: Procedural Memory

Speaking a language is like playing a musical instrument. One needs to know the theory, such as grammar and vocabulary, or how to read a music sheet. However, this isn’t enough. One also needs to practice, in order for the brain to develop a special type of memory, called Procedural Memory (or Muscle Memory). This is the key to speaking, or playing an instrument, automatically, with confidence, and without hesitation. The Gabby method is unique, in that it is all about focusing on developing one’s Procedural Memory.

Click here for detailed information about the Gabby Method.

The Gabby™ online training system

We enable students to practice communication and develop Procedural Memory in a safe and non-judgmental environment before accessing real-world situations. Such training can be focused on specific industries or context in order to help students with their specific needs.

Gabby offers a unique combination of:

  • Self-training, where the student can practice speaking, as often as they want, privately in the comfort of their home
  • Live-training, where the student works with a live coach, once or twice a week, over video-conferencing